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Meet the Kinoveo Team

Marlee Held, Kinoveo Physiotherapy in Kanata

Marlee Held

Physiotherapist, Women’s Pelvic Health

Marlee is a licensed physiotherapist and the co-owner of Kinoveo Physiotherapy Clinic. She is passionate about helping clients with all types of injuries and musculoskeletal pain. She has specific expertise in the treatment of women with issues related to pelvic health, such as postnatal recovery and treatment of bladder leakage/urinary incontinence. Marlee co-founded Kinoveo in order to fulfill her vision of creating a community of motivated individuals who want to optimize their long term health and well-being!

Marlee’s approach to physiotherapy includes working with her clients to provide education and promote recovery and future injury prevention. She uses a combination of manual therapy, targeted exercises, and functional movement to help clients of all ages return to the things they enjoy doing most. By building a strong therapeutic alliance, Marlee is able to personalize her treatment plan to meet the specific goals of each of her clients.


Marlee is continually pursuing postgraduate training to further her own professional development. She enjoys sharing knowledge with those around her, both with her clients and by supervising students to further the physiotherapy profession.


Marlee grew up in Montreal and obtained her Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy at McGill University. After working at various physiotherapy clinics in Montreal, she moved to Ottawa in 2020. She has since enjoyed becoming a member of the Ottawa community, and enjoys running, skating on the canal, and playing basketball and spikeball in her spare time.

Julien Trapeau, Kinoveo Physiotherapy in Kanata

Julien Trapeau

Physiotherapist, FCAMPT

Julien is the co-owner of Kinoveo Physiotherapy Clinic where he treats clients with a wide variety of conditions. He utilizes an evidence-based approach to treatment, including exercise therapy in combination with education and manual therapy, based on the needs of each individual patient. This approach allows his patients to reach their goals in a timely, efficient, and fun manner! His goal for Kinoveo is to promote and advocate health in his community.


Julien is a fully bilingual physiotherapist who graduated with a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Ottawa. He then completed a second Master’s Degree in Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from the University of Western Ontario, which allowed him to become a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy. He has an extensive background in rehabilitation, including sports and acute injuries, chronic and persistent pain, as well as vestibular issues (vertigo).


Julien has participated in several postgraduate courses, and plans to pursue further professional development so that he can continue to provide the best possible care to his clients. He has many tools in his treatment “toolbox”, including offering acupuncture, dry needling, Mulligan mobilizations with movement, and more. Julien is passionate about advocacy for the physiotherapy profession, and therefore wants to continue to take on physiotherapy students and participate in research projects to further the knowledge base.

Get back to doing what you love the most.

Kanata / Ottawa residents! Are you dealing with pain or limited range of motion due to an injury or chronic illness? Schedule an appointment with a licensed physical therapist today!

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