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Dry Needling

At Kinoveo Physiotherapy, we believe that muscle pain and tightness should not prevent you from enjoying your life. If you have been struggling with chronic headaches, sore muscles, or general discomfort, dry needling may be an effective addition to your treatment, to help get you moving and feeling better faster.

Certified Therapists.

Dry needling is a safe and effective treatment that does not involve the injection of any medication. The goal of a dry needling treatment is to improve physical function and reduce pain for our patients. By targeting specific areas in the body, we can decrease your pain and muscle tightness to be able to move better. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about its many benefits.

What can I expect?

  • Insertion of small single filament needles into muscles to decrease muscle tension

  • Dissipation of trigger points in muscles

  • Leads to reduction in pain and improved flexibility and function

  • Most effective when included as part of a comprehensive program with stretching, exercise, and functional movement training

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